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    How to make +12 equipment

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    How to make +12 equipment Empty How to make +12 equipment

    Post by Jessica on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:07 pm

    I know people would already know how to do this but, Some people don't and i would like to help them out
    (Note, cost a fair amount of cp to +12 your whole equipment also you need to have blessing)

    What you wanna do is check the amount of equipment you have and what items you wanna +12. Lets say you have 7 items you wanna +12. Alright, now what you need to do is get 3 +8 stones for each item. Count with me =)

    7*3= 21 Alright, so know that you have the amount you want, lets get the +8 stones. To people who don't know how to get them, first you must press Esc on your keyboard in game in till you have the log of screen pop up.

    When that comes up, click on offline training and click yes. O no you just logged off!, did i just trick you?! ^_^ Nah. Log back in and you should reconnect in the offline training room.

    First if all, don't click confirm on the box just yet. What you wanna do is close that box, and click on the vip seller npc that you should see near you. This npc sells you +7-8 stones and super gems. Alright, now buy your +8 stones and don't leave the area just yet. Now, unequip the items your wanna +12, and then click on the Vip button that should be beside the chat box.

    After clicking that, a screen should pop up with the buttons remote Warehouse, remote repair and remote Compose. Click on remote compose, and the screen should pop up to compose. Move the idea you wanna +/upgrade into the right box, after that move the +8 stone into the left box. Click compose and it should work its magic.

    After its done, it should be a +8 item now. Add another +8 stone to the right box, and it should compose half way. Add another +8 stone and then it should be a + 9 item. Do this to all your items till +9. Now, you may be thinking, that cost a lot of cp..., how am i going to buy more +8 stones? Well, you don't need too. After +9, composing is really simple and +7 stones are only needed. Now you need to use 2 +7 stones to make your items +12, yes i just said +7 stones. You need 2 +7 stones to make a + 9 to +12. Do that again to the rest of your items and there you have it, +12 equipment

    Some people would often do this, use 4 +8 stones and waste about maybe 15-20k cp doing that. Using +7 stones at the +9 stage save you a lot of cp.

    Thxs for reading. -Jess~

    How to make +12 equipment Empty Re: How to make +12 equipment

    Post by sumusiko on Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:16 pm

    i got bless but i cant go on offline tg idk why i tried relogging.
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    How to make +12 equipment Empty making +12 equips

    Post by engagewithrage on Tue Nov 10, 2009 1:02 pm

    where do you buy +7 and +8 stones?????

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    How to make +12 equipment Empty Re: How to make +12 equipment

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