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    ---==What about UnBoundLetter==---


    ---==What about UnBoundLetter==--- Empty ---==What about UnBoundLetter==---

    Post by george50 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:24 am

    I have some problems with the new patch and I don't know what to do!!!
    First I want to ask you what is UnBoundLetter used for and where is the NPC where I can make my items unbound.
    Secound I want to know if I can put soket and super gems in my Cup, Gourd, GodlyPrize and to make it +1/+2 ... to +8 as the garment.
    And Third I want to know where is the place where monsters drop 400 or 500 cps per kill... what is the best place for monsters hunt.

    Thank you all DemonCO Team !!!!

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