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    Application for Dreams

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    Application for Dreams Empty Application for Dreams

    Post by Dreams on Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:24 pm


    My name is Dreams, Paul is my real name, But I was told to come here and make an application for Demon 2 PM. I have been helping with the server since day 1. I have donated loads and loads of money to help support the server, And I don't plan to stop, I will help this server in anyway possible..

    People ask, Why I think I should be a PM.

    Well, I think I would be a good PM because I have alot of experience in dealing with players and helping players and understanding what they want. I have worked for many games, Just not Conquer games, I have been a GM for WoW I have worked for WoW P servers, I have been playing games for a very long time.. And am always dedicated to helping the players around me.. I am very very active. Im not in school and when my Girlfreind is in school I play.. Which is 90 percent of the time Haha! Razz I am very helpful in many ways.. I am American, All the other PMs are Egyptian, The American Population is climbing and They are slow at helping American who speak Proper English. And I can fill in that must.. I will be Dedicated to do my best.. And do whatever I can to help..

    People say to me, You only want Commands Dreams.

    If I only wanted commands. I wouldnt donate.. Ive donated to help the server. All my characters are maxed out.. What else do I need.. Im only doing this to help. Not for the material rewards... I hope you belive me on this subject.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this, If im missing anything or somthing I need to answer that will help in any way.. Please contact me.. The best way to contact me is through Msn

    Contact me there..


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